...to all things Wind Machine. While Wind Machine has stopped touring and recording, their award winning music is still available. Wind Machine’s music has been featured all over the world and recognized among the best instrumental music of their era. Most of the group’s 13 recordings released from 1986 through 1998 charted in the top 5 on billboard and all contemporary adult radio stations across the United States. Click here to purchase Wind Machine's music on CD Baby.

Where They Are Now

Although the band stopped recording and performing in the spring of 1998, all the members have remained  professionally active in the music industry.

Steve Mesplé:
Guitarist, composer and co-founder of WM has owned and operated Wildwood Guitars in Louisville, CO since 1985.  Please visit www.wildwoodguitars.com to see what Steve is up to these days.

Joe Scott:
Guitarist, composer and co-founder of WM has spent the last 25 years recording and touring the US and Europe with his wife cellist, Hannah Alkire, in their duo, Acoustic Eidolon. Please visit www.acousticeidolon.com to hear their music and catch up with Joe.

Taylor Mesplé:
WM’s pianist and vocalist joined the group in his early teens. One of Steve's sons, he continues his musical journey writing, recording, producing and performing around the country. Please visit www.taylormesple.com to check out Taylor's latest work.

Michael Olson:
WM’s second electric fretted and fretless bassist joined the band for their last 7 recordings from 1991 to 1998.  Michael has continued his career as a teacher, first-call studio musician and performing bass player in the Rocky Mountain region. Please visit www.michaelolsononline.com to see where Michael is these days.

Larry Thompson:
WM’s drummer on the groups last 11 CDs and their primary drummer in concert from 1993 to 1998, Larry has continued to be the first-call live and studio drummer in the Rocky Mountain region. Currently Larry is touring the world with Blues great Otis Taylor.
Blake Eberhard:
WM’s original bassist from 1986 to 1991, Blake was the bassist for their first 6 recordings. He has spent the last many years as a first-call studio and performing bassist around the country, and he teaches privately.